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It’s probably fair to say that most business owners have every intention of living up to the promises they make in their contracts, service agreements and guarantees. They are, therefore, acting in good faith when they make guarantees. But a small fraction of business owners never intend to fulfill their promises. When these individuals enter into an agreement, they are acting in bad faith—which is essentially fraud. If you’ve worked with a business, contractor, or insurer who acted in bad faith, you might be entitled to damages.

Acting in Bad Faith

Bad faith is a malicious action taken when one party in an agreement plans to maliciously deceive another. It’s not an instance of an error, oversight, or even overconfidence—it’s a case of intentional deceit. Sadly, some of the most notorious cases of bad faith have been perpetrated by the insurance industry—and jurors are often extremely displeased by this. In 1999, the McGeorge School of Law published a report that found that in all the bad faith verdicts against insurance companies in California between 1991 and 1999, 42 percent of the cases had punitive damages awarded, a far higher percentage than in other civil suits.

Lawyer Referral For Bad Faith Lawsuits

If you’ve been the victim of a bad faith agreement with any business, you need to find a lawyer who understands your state’s bad faith laws and negligence standard. Finding the right bad faith attorney isn’t an easy task to undertake, which is why Pravati Networks has cultivated a network of experienced lawyers across the nation specializing in a variety of cases, including bad faith. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they charge no retainers or upfront fees and only get paid when you do.

Don’t let an insurance company, contractor or other business owner intimidate you into silence. Contact Pravati Networks and let us match you to a qualified bad faith lawyer who wants to fight as hard as you do to hold those who act in bad faith accountable. Our dedicated lawyers are ready to fight by your side and require no upfront payment, only getting paid when you do.

Bad Faith Attorney

parameters for Bad Faith lawyer referral

  • An insurance company refuses to pay a claim that the policyholder is entitled to
  • A contractor agrees to use a certain material when renovating a home, but does not use that material which eventually leads to damages


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