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Whether it’s due to environmental concerns, money-saving appeal, or its ability to improve health, bicycling has become a popular choice for commuters in recent years. Many communities are responding by making their cities and towns more bike-friendly. Steps to this end include adding segregated bike lanes, installing bike racks downtown, and upgrading crosswalks.

Injuries To Cyclists

Sadly, no matter how communities try to make biking safer, an increase in cyclists still results in an increase in bicycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2013 743 people lost their lives in bicycle accidents. An estimated 48,000 more were moderate to severely injured in motor vehicle crashes. No matter how safe you are on the road—or how safe the roads are made for you—you cannot predict how drivers will react when sharing the road with cyclists.

If you think that you don’t have any legal recourse in a bicycle accident, think again. Nearly 10 years ago, frequent bicyclist, Susan Camicia was paralyzed in a bicycle accident. She sued the government of Mercer Island, WA for damages; the case was settled in November 2015 when the government agreed to pay damages of $6.95 million. All over the country bicycle accident cases are being heard and the victims are being awarded the damages they need to get their lives back on track. Responsible parties named in these suits range from municipalities to individual drivers to safety equipment manufacturers.

Lawyer Referral For Bicycle Accident Lawsuits

In order to get your case heard, you should consider seeking a bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. It is important to gather all of the documentation from your case, including police and hospital records, as well as any eyewitness testimony from the day of your accident. But even more important is finding a bicycle accident lawyer with the direct experience necessary to effectively fight your case—and that’s where Pravati Networks comes in. At Pravati Networks, we’ve dedicated years to establishing a network of legal representatives with experience in a number of specialties, including bicycle accidents. We can match you to a qualified bicycle accident attorney who works without a retainer or upfront fee and instead works on a contingency fee basis—only getting paid when you do.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

QUESTIONS SURROUNDing a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

  • Did negligence (or recklessness) on the part of the driver cause the accident and resulting injuries to the bicyclist?
  • Did any negligence of the bicyclist cause or contribute to the accident?


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