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Big news hit the papers in 2016 when Kolter Homes and subcontractors working for the company settled a construction defects lawsuit for $22.5 million. Reported construction defects such as rotting wood, cracked concrete slabs and leaking windows and doors were behind the claims lobbed at the developer.

Lawsuit or Insurance?

Insurance policies often cover construction defects—but there are some crucial times when they won’t. In order for insurance to reimburse for damages, the defect needs to be due to accidental structural and design flaws. In some cases, building code and material violations may also be covered, but they must be accidental.

When your home or other property has construction defects that are the result of shoddy workmanship, negligence and purposeful shoddiness in an effort to increase profits, a lawsuit might be in order. When you’re facing breach of contract, breach of warranty or negligence as a result of a construction defect, then you need to find an attorney who can help you get what you need to be made whole—either in court or through a settlement.

Finding the Right Attorney for a Construction Defects Case

A qualified construction defects attorney is invaluable because they understand the statutes regulating your state and construction defect suits. They also understand how a latent defect, one which doesn’t show up during the initial contract period but instead takes time to occur, can be prosecuted even after the statute of limitations has expired. The right, experienced lawyer will also understand the ideal way to approach the case and present evidence in order to best communicate the defect and the at-fault party.

The internet may be filled with attorneys, but finding the right one with the experience necessary to effectively and quickly fight your construction defects case takes more than a simple web search. Instead, allow Pravati Legal Networks to connect you with a construction defects lawyer who has proven experience and a track record of helping homeowners win in their cases against developers, contractors and construction companies in construction defect cases.

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Construction Defects Parameters For Lawyer Referral

  • Water Issues
  • Faulty Electrical Systems
  • Foundation, Floor, Wall and Roof Cracks
  • Dry Rot & Mold
  • Structural Failure


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