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Cruises are meant to be relaxing, luxurious ways to travel to exotic locales. While most of them end up being exactly that—some cruises are nightmare experiences with horrific events that seem to be taken right out of the pages of a science fiction novel. One of the most recent examples of this can be found in the Carnival Triumph cruise—a journey that left passengers stranded for a week without running water, plumbing or electricity.

Being a victim of damages

You don’t have to be on a completely doomed cruise in order to be a victim of damages. You could suffer from many incidents and illnesses on a cruise ship that doesn’t make the newspaper headlines. Damages could come from simple incidents such as a slip and fall, a food-borne illness, employee negligence or loss of property. One passenger, James R. Hausman, won $21.5 million in a lawsuit against Holland America after he hit his head on sliding glass doors during a trip. Hausman suffered a minor brain injury, which had consequences including seizures and vertigo. During the trial, Holland America was found to have suppressed documents on at least 30 other cases of customers being injured due to sliding glass doors on the company’s ships.

Lawyer Referral For Cruise Ship Accident Lawsuits

At Pravati Networks, we understand that a successful case against a cruise ship line is about more than just your evidence—it’s about having an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer who understands the best way to approach these types of cases. But you can’t choose just any lawyer to represent you. You need one who’s fought and won these kinds of cases in the past. By filling out our free form, we can match you to a cruise ship accident lawyer who has the experience you need to fight for your rights. Our cruise ship accident lawyers charge no upfront fee or retainer, choosing instead to work on a contingency fee basis, getting paid only after they win your case.

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

Cruise Ship Accident Parameters For Lawyer referral

  • Slip and falls or trip and falls
  • Falling overboard
  • Injuries from fires on the cruise ship
  • Norovirus infection (Norwalk virus) or other illnesses from contaminated food or unsanitary conditions
  • Pool or water slide accidents
  • Injuries sustained during on-shore excursions


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