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Robotic surgery is an option that’s gaining in popularity within the medical field. Because it’s so new, patients and hospital personnel are often not as informed about this procedure and its complications. This form of surgery uses smaller incisions than traditional laparoscopic surgery, but carries many risks.

Da Vinci robotic surgery is associated with a number of surgical mistakes and the spreading of some cancer cells. Most problems that surgical patients encountered were noticed far into the healing process. These included finding objects broken off inside the body, internal burns, and tears.

Robotic Surgery Fallacies & Mishaps

Hospitals are required to report fallacies with devices. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) receives notification of robotic surgery mishaps but by 2013 it was noted that they’d only received 245 reports including 71 deaths. Further investigation showed many more incidents had actually occurred, some not reported fully and others not reported at all.

It’s important to tell patients the risks involved in this surgery, including the fact that for certification surgeons often only have a few days of training on a cadaver before conducting an actual live-person surgery.

There is some hope on the horizon, however. In 2014, Intuitive Surgical Inc., the makers of the Da Vinci surgery robot, announced that they were taking $67 million against that year’s earnings in order to settle claims against them. While this is a start in the right direction, it’s likely the company will need to pay out much more as the lawsuits roll in.

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At Pravati Networks, we want to help you hold Intuitive Surgical and other device makers responsible. To do so, we’ve built a network of experienced Da Vinci robotic surgery lawyers who understand the most effective way to fight for the rights of victims. We can match you to a Da Vinci robotic surgery lawyer who’s got the right experience and who charges no retainer or upfront fees. Instead, our Da Vinci robotic surgery lawyers work on a contingency basis which means they only get paid after winning your Da Vinci robot lawsuit.

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  • Tears and/or burns on nearby organs and vessels
  • Incontinence or impotence
  • Repeat surgeries to correct problems during the original operation
  • Death


If you or a loved one are experiencing side effects from Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, see your doctor for diagnosis.


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