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According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, more than 46 percent of inmates were jailed for drug offenses in 2015. This is, by far, the leading cause of imprisonment in the United States. A charge of drug crimes can cover a variety of criminal acts, including possession, manufacturing, and distribution of drugs.

Charges & Convictions

A charge of drug crimes is very serious. Stiff sentences with prison time are often the punishment for conviction of possession, manufacturing, trafficking, and distribution of illicit drugs. A skillful criminal defense lawyer is essential for sound legal advice as well as representation in court.

Sometimes people are wrongly convicted of drug crimes. For example, a man in Arkansas was recently awarded $460,000 for his wrongful conviction. He was sentenced to life in prison and had served 11 years of that sentence but with the help of a skilled lawyer, he was able to get his convictions vacated. The National Registry of Exonerations lists prisoners who have been exonerated of serious crimes in the United States since 1989. For the crime of drug possession or sale, at least 162 have been exonerated. It’s possible that with the right legal counsel from the start, many of them never would have been convicted in the first place.

Lawyer Referral For Drug Crime Lawsuits

Penalties for drug crimes can range from probation to life in prison. This isn’t a charge you want to take lightly. Instead, contact the team at Pravati Networks. We’re standing by, ready to match you to a drug crimes lawyer who has experience helping ensure clients get fair trials that end in reasonable sentences or dropped charges. Our drug charge lawyer works with a small retainer and are dedicated to representing your best interests in court and advocating for your freedom. Contact us today so we can pair you with a drug charge lawyer who’s ready to take on your case.

Drug Charge Lawyer


  • The quantity or amount of a particular drug found in your possession.
  • Classifications are used to group drugs into five different schedules based on their potential for addiction.
  • Purpose, whether for personal use or for distribution, is determined primarily based on the amount of drugs found in your possession.
  • Your criminal history will be taken into account at charging and during sentencing, including any violent convictions.


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