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With the Federal Bureau of Prisons reporting that almost half the prison population is incarcerated on a drug charge, there’s no question that the U.S. has become increasingly harsh on drug crimes such as possession. Possession of a scheduled drug in the U.S. is considered a serious crime; in 2014 it was the reason behind the arrest of 1.5 million people. Out of the 1.5 million individuals arrested for these nonviolent drug charges, 17 percent were arrested for heroin or cocaine possession, 39.7 percent for marijuana, 21.5 percent for other dangerous narcotic drugs and 4.8 percent for synthetic drugs. According to, of the charges that took place in 2014, 20.2 percent of cases were won due to lack of evidence or a wrongful conviction proved by a defense lawyer. Without the assistance of a skilled defense lawyer, the individuals acquitted would likely not have been part of this statistic.


When an officer charges you with possession, the first thing you should do is contact a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the field of drug offenses. Once you have found a lawyer who best suits your situation, you can then start explaining everything that happened from the moment the officer arrived at the scene up until the last time you spoke to that particular officer. This way the lawyer can tell you what the officer did right and wrong during the arrest and whether you were wrongly accused. If you are found guilty of the crime, your lawyer can help you get the charges reduced to a minor offense or dropped completely by going to substance abuse counseling or rehab, depending on the severity of the charge.

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The very foundation of your case’s success rests on choosing the right legal representative—and that’s where Pravati Networks comes in. We can match you to one of our experienced drug possession lawyers who specializes in drug crimes so you know you’re represented by someone who truly understands how the system works. Our drug possession lawyers are devoted to your success and, after receiving a small retainer fee will invest hours researching your case and representing you in the courtroom.

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