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A charge of embezzlement can do more than ruin a career—it can ruin a life. It impacts an individual’s ability to secure future employment at the same level and can result in imprisonment and fines if the accused is unable to prove his or her innocence.


Employers place a certain level of trust in their employees no matter what position they hold. But employees who have access to company funds, either through a bookkeeping position or as a service provider, also trust that their employer isn’t going to use their position—and access to company funds—against them with a false embezzlement accusation. Think this doesn’t ever happen? Think again. June Supko was wrongfully accused of embezzling more than $26,000 from Captains’ Quarters, a company for which she was a property manager. Her boss, Martha Rendell, fired her in 2011 and accused her of embezzlement. June agreed to pretrial intervention to prove her innocence. In another case, Fabiola E. Cruz was accused by the city of Merriam, Kansas, for embezzlement of the city’s municipal court funds in 2011. Charges were eventually dropped for no explained reason, and Cruz later settled a lawsuit against Merriam in 2014 for her lost wages and monetary loss due to a tarnished reputation.

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At Pravati Networks, we want to partner you with an embezzlement lawyer who has experience defending people against charges of embezzlement. Not only can the right embezzlement lawyer help you prove your innocence but he or she may also be able to help you recover damages after suffering a false accusation. Experienced embezzlement lawyers can also help defendants enter and prove pleas of lack of intent, entrapment, and good faith. All you have to do is fill out our no-obligation form. Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll review your case and begin the process of finding an embezzlement lawyer who works with a small retainer fee and has the experience you need to effectively fight for your rights in court.

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  • Were the accusations false in nature?
  • Is there a paper trail?
  • Did the employer go too far with their accusations?
  • Will these accusations ruin future career paths?


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