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Hydraulic fracturing (fracking), is the method oil companies use when attempting to mine natural gas from shale rock found below the earth. When fracking, companies pump millions of gallons of water and sand, which has chemicals added to it, in order to make tiny cracks in the earth. Next, the newly accessed well is drained of all gases and then another one is set up to start the process all over again. This leaves chemical waste inside the rocks and often leads to groundwater corruption.


Even though oil companies stress they are drilling far enough down to avoid damage to the water table or communities, studies have shown otherwise. According to the website, many communities across the globe have noticed detrimental effects after fracking.

Due to community concerns, numerous fracking lawsuits are being presented in the courts. One Oklahoma case, Ladra vs. New Dominion, was recently allowed by the courts to proceed. The damages claimed in this case are for losses due to earthquakes allegedly caused by fracking. It’s possible that this case will lead to even more—which means wider culpability for oil and gas companies. Some communities, such as San Benito, are voting not to allow fracking in their community at all.

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There’s no telling the extent of damages you and your loved ones can experience when you live in a community impacted by gas drilling and fracking. The oil and gas industry may not be interested in helping resolve your damages, but the gas drilling and fracking lawyers in the Pravati Network are. Fill out our free form and allow us to match you to a qualified gas drilling and fracking lawyer who has the right experience to fight your case and get the award you deserve. And because we understand the financial strain many plaintiffs wrestle with, we’ve built a network of lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis—which means you pay no retainer or upfront fee to get started. Instead, your gas drilling and fracking lawyer will only get paid when you do.

Gas Drilling & Fracking Lawsuits


  • Water contamination
  • Air pollution due to both the machinery being used and the leaking of gases
  • Radioactive contamination found in both materials and in the workers at the well sites
  • Illness of residents and newborns living near fracking sites


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