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Once you’ve been charged with a DUI, your whole life changes. If it leads to a conviction, the charge can affect your ability to work and take care of your family, and it can hurt your social standing in the community. But you don’t have to simply accept what the justice system throws at you. Instead, you can secure legal representation that helps protect your rights and challenges questionable evidence—you just have to know where to find the right lawyer.

The Stiff Consequences of a DUI

When you don’t have the right legal representation, your finances and future could be devastated by the consequences of a DUI conviction. You will face fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. And while you might not know the ins and outs of challenging a DUI conviction, an experienced attorney does. In our network, we have connected with many attorneys who have successfully challenged DUI convictions, saving clients thousands of dollars and years of probation and license suspension.

Challenging a DUI Conviction

Web forums abound with horror stories from people with lawyers and public defenders who simply wanted to take a deal rather than fight the validity of a DUI arrest and charge. Attorneys with experience know that there are many ways to challenge a DUI conviction. The first step is to study the details of your arrest, looking for anything that will give a DUI lawyer the chance to challenge your arrest. They will review all the information, from the moment you are stopped until the day of the trial. In doing so, they can often find valid reasons to challenge both the results and admissibility of the tests, resulting in reduced or even dropped charges.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Referral For DUI Cases

Criminal defense is a specialized skill and DUI cases create an even more specialized niche within the industry. It’s important that you don’t leave your defense to chance. Consult with a prequalified DUI lawyer who understands how to best deal with the police, prosecutors and judges to get a ruling that’s fair to you. With a small retainer, you can get access to a DUI lawyer with a proven track record of success, one who’s ready to review all the evidence and stand up for you at every court appearance.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI or DWI, contact us today and we’ll connect you with a successful, experienced DUI lawyer who specializes in DUI cases and is ready to fight for you!

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