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Medical service providers have a huge job in front of them. It’s up to them to carefully submit claims for coverage to healthcare companies in order to get the benefits necessary to pay for services they’ve provided. Doing this is nowhere near as simple as it sounds. There is a complicated web of state and federal regulations that they must follow, and compliance standards often have the consistency of a constantly moving target. This makes it easy to have an error that results in an accusation of healthcare fraud—despite the lack of intention to defraud healthcare companies.

The Economist Report

According to The Economist, it’s estimated that as much as $272 billion is embezzled out of the healthcare system each year. As you can imagine, this makes fighting healthcare fraud a huge priority—but the more people who are accused each year, the more mistakes are made. A guilty verdict can result in jail time, fines and the loss of a career you struggled for decades to attain. Whether you’ve been accused of Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, kickbacks, billing fraud or any other healthcare fraud, we can help.

When you hire a lawyer to defend you against a charge of healthcare fraud, you need to find one who is familiar with the way the healthcare system works. They must have an in-depth understanding of regulations and they should have memberships in various medical associations that keep doctors and other healthcare professionals informed about healthcare fraud issues.

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At Pravati Networks, we want to take the work and mystery out of choosing a health care fraud lawyer for your defense. When you’re facing the dedicated team of a health care fraud strike force, you want to have the right health care fraud lawyer defending you—and at Pravati Networks, we believe we can help you do just that. To get started, complete our no-obligation form and we’ll review your case and search our network of low-retainer healthcare fraud lawyers to find the right one for you.

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