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Hernias, an injury in which an internal organ sticks out through muscle or tissue that’s designed to hold it in, can be caused by many things. From obesity to lifting heavy objects, chronic lung disease and even through coughing, the situations that can result in hernia are multiple and sometimes unexpected. In order to repair the damage and end the discomfort associated with hernias so that the patient can go back to normal movement and activity, surgeons can use a hernia mesh to plug or patch on the weak gap where the organ protrudes.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable

Whether the hernia mesh you or a loved one used was made by Atrium, Covidien, Ethicon or another manufacturer, you can find some solace by taking the company to court and holding them accountable for their negligence while also getting money for your pain and suffering. If you are experiencing complications after a hernia surgery in which hernia mesh was used, then you need to meet with an attorney who understands the details of cases involving faulty medical products—and who knows how to fight them.

Hernia mesh is a flexible, synthetic product that is presented in either the form of a patch or a plug. Once surgically applied, the mesh generally heals within a week or two, allowing the patient to go back to strenuous activity in little more than a month.

All of this may sound ideal, but it’s not without its potential dangers and side effects. Many medical product manufacturers are guilty of selling defective hernia mesh patches and plugs resulting in devastating complications for patients. The side effects of a faulty mesh can include infections, organ perforation, bowel obstruction, pain and recurrent hernia.

Our Hernia Mesh Lawyers

At Pravati Legal Networks, we specialize in matching defective medical device lawyers with patients like you. Together, you can create a strategy that allows you to get a reasonable judgment or settlement for pain and suffering, lost wages, diminished earnings capacity and medical expenses for corrective surgery. Call us today and discover the power of working with a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who is ready to fight for you—and who doesn’t get paid until you do.

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side effects of Hernia Mesh

  • Tissue erosion around area of mesh implant
  • Internal bleeding
  • A lump forming near the site of the surgery
  • A hematoma forming around the site of the surgery
  • Recurring hernia at the site of the surgery


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