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By definition, human trafficking is the illegal luring and exploitation of unsuspecting bystanders into prostitution or other slavery. According to the U.N., in 2012 there were an estimated 2.4 million victims of human trafficking globally. At any given time, over 80 percent of these victims were reportedly used for prostitution and most victims were women. Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing crimes and unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions, such as that it only happens in other countries, are still very prominent. The fact, however, is that it occurs everywhere, including in hidden places within the U.S. Some victims even hold proper jobs in shops or hotels.


Sadly, the fact that human trafficking is so pervasive often results in false accusations due to miscommunications, misunderstandings and outright falsehoods. In October 2015 a human trafficking case was thrown out of court because the woman who’d been the supposed victim was actually being held with human trafficking charges of her own. In another prominent case of false accusations, a pastor was arrested on what were later proven to be false charges of human trafficking after providing shelter and support to refugees in Turkey.

Not all false human trafficking charges are dismissed. Some end up with the accused doing hard time—despite being completely innocent. There is no reason you should suffer this fate, hoping to be exonerated in the future. If you have been accused of human trafficking, the first thing you need to do is partner with a human trafficking lawyer who can help raise doubt that you have committed the crime. According to studies published by Michigan University, the most common reasons for wrongful convictions are eyewitness misidentification and false confessions. An experienced lawyer can help you understand how to prove that’s what’s happening to you.

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