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When consumers buy products, they have certain reasonable expectations. One of these expectations is that the product being produced and sold isn’t dangerous. Sadly, hundreds of stores, wholesalers, installers, manufacturers and others fall through on this simple requirement every year. Sometimes a product is dangerous due to a mistake, but other times—like with VW’s recent emission tests cheat—it’s the result of a manufacturer purposely misrepresenting the safety of its product.

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Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether a product becomes dangerous due to a mistake or purposeful misleading and misrepresentation; when a consumer is physically, emotionally or financially damaged by the product, they deserve to be made whole.

Whether it’s GM paying hundreds of millions for faulty ignition switches, Owens Corning paying billions to settle asbestos lawsuits, or Merck paying $100 million for suits alleging that the NuvaRing caused fatal blood clots, there is a strong history of companies and entities being held responsible for the damages caused by their products. These settlements not only help to get justice for those who’ve been injured, they also hold negligent parties responsible for the role they played, making them far less likely to repeat the mistake in the future.

There is an important process involved in identifying possible product liability cases. When you read our library of product liability articles, you’ll see what some of the most common product liability complaints are and get some insight into the damages involved. This may prepare you to start your own case against a manufacturer, store, wholesaler or other entity. But if you want to win your case, you can’t go it alone. You must find a lawyer with experience fighting similar cases—one who is ready to be your partner in the fight ahead. That’s where Pravati Networks comes in. We can match you to a qualified, experienced lawyer who truly understands the ins and outs of product liability cases and can help you fight for the justice you deserve. Our product liability lawyers require no retainers or upfront fees, choosing instead to accept payment on a contingency basis—which means they don’t get paid until they win your case.

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If you need an attorney, contact Pravati.


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