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The human body is a complex machine. One of the most fascinating aspects is our system of blood vessels, which includes arteries, veins, and capillaries. This complex internal highway allows blood and oxygen to flow to our brains, heart and other vital organs. All told, if you were to stretch out all your blood vessels, you’d have a line that’s about 100,000 miles long.

Notes From The FDA on IVC Filters

When blood can’t flow freely through your vessels, you run the risk of heart attack, stroke, and embolism. In order to prevent embolism-caused clots from moving into the heart, lungs or brain, many patients have had a special wire device inserted in their veins. One such device is the IVC Filter, manufactured by C. R. Bard. These filters are meant to be retrievable, but in 2010 the FDA noted that they had received a large number of reports that the filters were causing damage to organs and blood vessels. Essentially, the filters were fracturing and then migrating to other parts of the body and leaving dangerous puncture wounds.

IVC Filter Lawsuit

Right now, there are a number of lawsuits against the IVC Filter manufacturer. These lawsuits don’t just complain about the damages caused by the filters but also about attempts made by manufacturer C. R. Bard to hide results from research that found the filters were a danger to patients. Worse, the manufacturer is alleged to have forged a signature on the FDA application.

If you or a loved one has received an IVF Filter, you may be experiencing some disturbing side effects such as chest pain, heart rhythm problems, nausea, hypotension, neck pain and shortness of breath. These symptoms could indicate that the filter has fractured and migrated and is wreaking havoc on the internal organs and veins.

No one deserves to be the victim of a faulty medical device. It’s even more disturbing when you realize the lengths that this manufacturer seems to have gone to in order to conceal research about the dangers of the device. As records obtained by NBC News show, the company went out of its way to add another similarly flawed unit to the market despite knowing the damage both units could cause.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a dangerous medical device, you deserve to be represented by an IVC filter lawyer who specializes in bringing suits against these medical manufacturers. At Pravati Networks, we can match you to a lawyer who has the right experience and expertise to examine your case and bring your complaint to trial.

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side effects of IVC Filters

  • Organ Damage
  • Blood Vessel Damage
  • Filter Migration
  • Chest Pain
  • Heart Rhythm Problems
  • Shortness of Breath


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