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In December of 2015, the New Mexico Supreme Court lessened the liability standard of proof for restaurants, so-called dram shops and others who sell alcohol. With its new decision, the court institutes a new test that allows liability determinations for alcohol-related incidents to be far less stringent. Essentially, the test allows a court to ask what a sober driver would have done in the same situation—which means that purveyors of alcohol could now be held liable not just for selling alcohol to already intoxicated people who have an accident or cause damage, but even just slightly inebriated people.

Dram Shop Accountability

Many states outside of New Mexico have stiff tests and penalties for alcohol-serving businesses that might be culpable in alcohol-related accidents. In many cases, such as in New Mexico, it’s no longer enough to simply cut off someone who’s obviously drunk, which means many more people who’ve been damaged by a drunk driver or other person under the influence will have recourse to sue.

Now that it’s easier to hold many dram shops and other businesses accountable for the damages caused by their inebriated patrons, more cases will likely be hitting the courts. Not only will this help injured parties recover damages it will also change the way our society handles serving alcohol—making it a less dangerous environment for all of us.

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If you or a loved one has suffered damages as the result of an over-served inebriated individual, then you might have a case. It’s important that you work with an experienced liquor liability lawyer who stays on top of all the changes to liquor liability laws in various states, and that means you don’t just need a legal representative—you need a specialist. At Pravati Networks, we understand how difficult it can be to find a liquor liability lawyer with the proven experience you need. That’s why we developed our network of legal representatives. By filling out our free form, you can get matched to a liquor liability lawyer who charges no upfront fees or retainers but instead works on a contingency fee basis—only getting paid after winning your case.

Liquor Liability


  • Liquor store sold alcohol to a drunk individual
  • Damages were sustained
  • Alcohol (or drunkenness) was the cause of the damages


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