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For most of us, home is a comfortable, safe place where we feel secure raising our families. But for some, home isn’t just the place where a family lives—it’s also a place where toxic mold spores proliferate and threaten to cause cancer, neurological disorders, and other illnesses in the people you most want to protect.

In addition to mold, your home could be playing host to hundreds of toxic substances including plastics, chemicals, asbestos, and lead paint. You may be lucky enough to live in a home that’s free of these dangers—but that doesn’t mean your family is not still exposed to them. You and your loved ones may come into contact with all of these toxins and more every time you enter a school, government building, business, dorm or hospital.

The Case of Patrick Fetzer

Exposure to toxic substances can cause permanent physical damage resulting in lost wages, medical expenses, and a compromised future. If this happens to you or someone you love, you deserve more than justice—you deserve payment for your damages. In more and more instances, people just like you are holding others accountable for this damage and receiving awards that help them live with the consequences. One example of this can be found in the case of Patrick Fetzer. In April of 2010, a jury awarded Fetzer $1.2 million in damages after he filed a lawsuit against his landlord for neglecting to fix his mold-infested house. His daughter developed pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, which is a buildup of material in the air sacs of the lungs, making it harder for the lungs to get oxygen.

Lawyer Referral For Mold or Toxic Tort Lawsuits

No matter what kind of toxic substance you and your family have been exposed to, we want to help you get justice. At Pravati Networks, we can match you to an experienced toxic torts or mold lawyer who can work with you to determine who is liable for your damages and help you fight for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical costs and more. Because we understand the financial strain many plaintiffs are under, we’ve filled our network with mold or toxic torts lawyers who charge no upfront fees or retainers. Instead, they work on a contingency fee basis and only get paid when they win your case.

Toxic Tort Or Mold Lawyer

Mold or Toxic Tort Parameters For lawyer referral

  • Asthma
  • Respiratory infections
  • Lead poisoning
  • Leukemia
  • Brain cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Infertility
  • Neurological disorders
  • Obstructive lung disease


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