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At Pravati Networks, we understand that a good lawyer referral service doesn’t start with you—it begins with us. That’s why we’ve spent years developing relationships with lawyers and firms across the nation, all of which have proven track records of success fighting cases just like yours. Now, with our network waiting, all you have to do is contact us to get matched to a lawyer who’s ready and qualified to fight for you.

Breaking Down the Lawyer Referral Process

After you suffer an injury or damages from a dangerous drug, faulty product, injury or other incidents, the first thing you’ll likely do is conduct research about people who have suffered a similar experience. At Pravati Networks, our extensive library of articles about various case types gives you a great place to start your research journey and begin to understand what’s at stake.

Once you better understand what’s involved in fighting a case like yours, the next step is to find a qualified, experienced lawyer to represent you. By filling out our form and completing a quick phone call with one of our representatives, you can gain access to Pravati Networks’ extensive network of litigators who are dedicated to fighting for you. Our injury lawyers charge no retainers or upfront fees, working instead on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid when you win your case.*

When you need a lawyer Pravati is here for you.

*Please note that our criminal defense lawyers do not work on a contingency basis.

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Vivian R. – Phoenix, Arizona
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Jim M. – Dallas, Texas
Vivian from a bad drug lawsuit

How It Works

Lawyer Referral Step by Step


After suffering damages due to another person’s or company’s actions, you realize that you are entitled to compensation.

You conduct research into your case type so that you understand what’s involved in fighting it and what other cases might set a precedent that will affect your case.


You realize you need a qualified, experienced lawyer—but aren’t sure how to find one on your own, so you contact Pravati Networks by completing our form.

One of our representatives calls you and gets additional details on your case so we collect all the pertinent information about your situation.


After speaking to you, our representative goes through our nationwide database to find the perfect lawyer to refer you to.

Your information is sent to the chosen lawyer so he or she can begin putting your case together.


Together, you and your lawyer build a case against the entity that caused your damages. Since our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, you pay no upfront fees or retainers, which means your lawyer only gets paid when you win your case.

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