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Power morcellators were once thought to be effective medical devices in hysterectomies and myomectomies, but today they are no longer considered safe. Studies have recently shown that they correlate with cancer growth, particularly metastatic leiomyosarcoma, uterine cancer, uterine sarcoma, and endometrial stromal sarcoma.

The power morcellator device was initially approved by the FDA in 1995. It was approved for use as a less invasive option for laparoscopic, or keyhole, surgeries. The device works by blasting apart tissues that are intended to be removed, thus allowing them to be taken out through the small, existing incision.

FDA Warned Against Uterine Morcellator Surgeries

There generally isn’t a problem when morcellators are used to break down non-cancerous tumors and tissues into smaller pieces, but when they inadvertently break apart cancerous tissues and tumors, the devices end up spreading the cancerous tissue of these undetected tumors or growths. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article in July of 2014 that found as many as 1 in 370 women who undergo surgery with power morcellators suffer from previously-undetected uterine cancer.

In April of 2014, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urged doctors to not use power morcellators, and this led to a recall by Johnson & Johnson that was highly publicized. In an updated Safety Communication, the FDA warned that the, “risk is higher than previously understood” in the spread of hidden cancers in surgeries featuring power morcellators, giving victims ample reason to take action.

In January 2016 it was announced that many of the lawsuits filed against power morcellator manufacturers, including Ethicon and Olympus, were being consolidated in order to speed up the legal proceedings, since all the cases shared similar allegations.

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If you or a loved one has suffered damages due to surgery with a power morcellator, you may be entitled to sue the manufacturer and recover damages. At Pravati Networks, we can match you to an experienced power morcellator lawyer who has a history of success fighting these types of cases. When working with one of our power morcellator lawyers, you pay no upfront fee or retainer because our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis—meaning they only get paid after winning your case. This is just one of the ways you know that you’re getting a power morcellator lawyer who’s ready to fight for you.

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  • Bleeding, oozing and pain at incision site
  • Soreness and bruising
  • Infection and abscess
  • Damage to surrounding organs
  • Pelvic and abdominal pain
  • Fibroid reoccurrence


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