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While many people draw no distinction between an act of robbery and an act of theft, the legal difference is tremendous and can be extremely damaging if you’ve been wrongly accused. The legal definition of robbery is the criminal act of taking property from someone while in their immediate presence, against their will, by violence or intimidation. This incredible distinction can add decades to a conviction with jail time and thousands of dollars in damages awarded to a victim. If you have been accused of robbery, you need an experienced lawyer to take your case and fight for your rights.


Because robberies occur with the victim present, accusations are often accompanied by eyewitness testimony. A study conducted in Ohio found that the leading factor in wrongful convictions is misidentification from eyewitnesses. This frightening statistic should prompt questions about the accuracy of our legal system, but too often these statistics are ignored as the wrong people are sent to jail time and time again.

If you think that incorrect convictions don’t happen often, think again. Research presented by University of Michigan law professor Samuel Gross notes that the false conviction rate for death penalty sentences in the U.S. is somewhere around 4.1 percent. You don’t have to become a statistic or a victim of faulty memory. Contact Pravati Networks and get matched to a criminal lawyer who understands how to defend you and fight for any damages the wrongful accusation may have caused you.

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An experienced robbery lawyer knows that there are various things to consider when proving their client’s innocence against a robbery charge. They need to look through all witness statements, police records and alibis, and survey the location involved. Don’t leave your robbery conviction to chance; let Pravati Networks match you to an experienced robbery lawyer who, with a small retainer, will devote him- or herself to defending you in court.

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  • Taking property from another person
  • Taking property from another’s person or presence
  • The property must have been carried away
  • Intending to permanently deprive the possessor
  • Taking by violence or intimidation
  • Using or carrying a dangerous weapon


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