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Scaffolding may be a temporary fix to help workers reach all floors of a newly constructed building, but that doesn’t mean workers should expect it to be unsafe. As part of nearly every big construction project, it’s vital that all parts of the scaffolding are in the right condition.

The Risk of Scaffolding Accidents

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently reported that over 70 percent of workers injured in scaffolding accidents could attribute their injuries to the support or planking giving way, an employee slipping, or being hit by a falling object. In addition, the BLS reported that as of 1996, one out of four workers injured in scaffold accidents had received improper or no scaffold safety training. This is why OSHA has introduced new training materials—but that doesn’t mean they’re always properly executed.

Most construction accidents are scaffolding-related and due to negligence or noncompliance with OSHA regulations. If you’ve suffered a serious injury involving poor training or inadequately constructed scaffolding, you should seek the advice of an experienced injury lawyer. While you likely have a worker’s compensation claim, you could instead have a separate personal injury claim.

Scaffolding Accident Lawyer Referral

If you’ve been injured on scaffolding or other structure on an unfinished construction project, you need a scaffolding accident lawyer who can get you compensation for the damages you have suffered. The professionals at Pravati Networks have spent years creating a network of experienced scaffolding accident lawyers who have the knowledge you need to properly fight your case. We closely review your case to determine how your injuries occurred and who was responsible, and then we match you to a scaffolding accident lawyer who is prepared to represent you. Our legal experts can decide whether improper construction played a part, if there were faulty parts or if another issue should be investigated.

Our lawyers resolve your case by pursuing action against manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors or others to maximize your recovery. They know construction law and what it takes to secure the best compensation possible. Even better, they work with no upfront fees or retainers, choosing instead to work on a contingency fee basis—which means they only get paid after they win your case.

Scaffolding Accident

Issues That Cause Scaffolding Accidents TO occur

  • Falling loads
  • Weak planking
  • Non-existent or insecure bracing
  • Inadequate safety procedures
  • No protective gear issued
  • Insufficient on-the-job training


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