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The term “sexual crimes” is used to describe a wide range of incidents that fall under the heading of either assault or harassment. Both men and women can be the victim of these crimes, which happen a lot more often than you might realize. If you’ve been the victim of such a crime, you might be entitled to monetary compensation. Pravati Networks can help you find an experienced attorney who’s ready to put their history of success to work for you.

Defining Sex Crimes

The Truth About Sexual Assault

The facts about the frequency of sexual crimes are disturbing and disheartening. According to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), one American is sexually assaulted every 107 seconds. While women are most often victimized, men are also assaulted. Brown University reports that 1 out of every 10 men is the victim of a sexual crime in his lifetime. All too often, sexual crime perpetrators are never brought to justice, either thanks to inexperienced legal help or fear and shame felt by the victim.

Lawyer Referral For Sexual Assault Lawsuits

If you’ve been the victim of a sexual crime including sexual assault or harassment, you deserve to have an experienced sexual assault attorney who’s had success in fighting other sexual crime cases. Together, we can match you with an attorney who understands what you’re going through and knows what you’re facing in the courtroom. You can work with a lawyer who specializes in workplace sexual harassment and assault cases or one who specializes in non-work environments.

At Pravati Networks, we know that the stress of finding the right sexual assault attorney can be overwhelming, especially when you’re the victim of a sexual crime. We’ve taken the work out of attorney selection by developing a vast network of specialized legal representatives who can fight your case with the dedication you deserve.

Sexual Assault Attorney

Sexual Assault can be defined as

  • Unwanted sexual contact or unwelcome sexual advances
  • Grabbing and fondling or attempted assault
  • Verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature
  • Threats of sexual assault or attempted assault
  • Unsolicited and unwelcome requests for sexual activity


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