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Rape is defined as non-consensual, forced sexual intercourse that includes instances of psychological coercion and physical force. It differs from sexual assault in that sexual assault won’t necessarily include force or intercourse. Rape happens to both men and women of all ages, including seniors and children. It can happen to both free citizens and inmates and can be carried out by strangers as well as people you know or who are in a position of power.

Studies Done By Stanford University

According to Stanford University, roughly 2 percent of rape-related charges are found to be false. All too often, our society forgets that people accused of rape have the same presumption of innocence as any other person. This often leads to a public perception of guilt after an accusation of rape—and that can make a trial an uphill battle.

At Pravati Networks, we want to help ensure that you get the best possible defense against a charge of rape. We can match you to a lawyer who understands the nature of consent as well as the laws and investigative process for sex crimes. They can identify a case that has a low likelihood of prosecution success thanks to a lack of physical evidence and can help you prove your innocence.

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At Pravati Networks, we’ve spent years dedicated to developing a comprehensive network of lawyers with experience in various specialties, including rape. We want to make sure that every person has a qualified lawyer representing their interests in the courtroom. We know that the right sexual assault defense lawyer can help you defend yourself against a false charge of rape or plea down to a more reasonable sentence. This can lessen the number of years of imprisonment and probation you face while also reducing overall fines. Complete our no-risk form today so we can review the details of your case and find the right sexual assault defense lawyer for you—one who works with a small retainer fee and is ready to put your best interests first.

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  • Date rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • Spousal rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Gang rape


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