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It is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to win cases against employers. Between arbitration agreements and the whole David vs. Goliath arrangement, employees face a real uphill battle when they bring a suit against an employer for various transgressions such as wrongful termination, employer discrimination and workplace injury. There have, however, been a few bright spots in recent years that give us hope for the future of employment law. One such case was a successful class action suit brought against Merrill Lynch. In 2013 Reuters reported that Merrill Lynch was ordered to pay $160 million to plaintiffs in this suit against the company for race discrimination.

While it’s nice to have a positive outcome to refer to, it’s irresponsible to ignore all the lost cases of employment law in recent years. With complaints ranging from age discrimination to FMLA denial, pay stub violations to unpaid wages and overtime, there have been far too many strong cases that have failed to earn rewards from the court. Part of the problem is that many wronged employees don’t understand the value of working with a firm that focuses exclusively on employment law.

Reports from The Wall Street Journal

According to The Wall Street Journal, employees suing companies for discrimination lose in federal court at a higher rate than any other type of plaintiff. This disturbing trend can only be stemmed when employees begin focusing on hiring experienced employment law specialists to fight their cases for them. The problem with a law firm that doesn’t specialize is that they often miss the important nuances of the wide variety of cases and complaints that can be tried. Worse, they have a poor record of litigation risk analysis and have trouble finding the most cost-effective methods of discovery for this unique segment.

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At Pravati Networks, we can match you to a wrongful termination lawyer that can recognize a potential class action suit and who also has experience with alternative dispute resolution techniques that can keep you out of court without sacrificing your settlement. If you’ve been treated poorly by an employer who’s in violation of any law, including ADA, OSHA, ERISA and EEOC, or if you need help with your Jones Act or workers’ compensation claim, you deserve a legal representative who not only understands your plight, but who also knows the best way to help you get the judgment you deserve.

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Parameters For Employment Law

  • Discrimination
  • FMLA Denial
  • Pay Stub Violations
  • Unpaid Wages & Overtime
  • Jones Act Claims


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